Kilfenora Post Office petition – please sign now

As explained at an emergency community meeting in Kilfenora Hall on Tuesday evening (25 September), a petition and outline business plan is to be submitted to An Post by Friday (28 September).  PLEASE sign the petition – the more community members sign, the more likely An Post will agree to continuation of the service. The deadline for signatures is 2pm on Thursday.

Forms can be found in O’Gormans and Howleys shops and in the village Post Office.

All individuals in families are urged to contribute their names and signatures – including children (bearing in mind that this issue is about their future too).

A crucial development is that The Burren Centre has volunteered to provide a space for a new post office counter. This has made it possible to submit an appeal to An Post.

If Kilfenora is successful in retaining a Post Office – which of course is vital for many community members and businesses over a wide area of North Clare – it is important that people understand and use the very wide range of services that the Post Office provides , including all the bill paying, social welfare and banking facilities (and soon mortgages). It is clear that many people have underappreciated this in the past. Hopefully Kilfenora (and its surrounding areas) will succeed in retaining a facility that is essential for the future economic health of the Burren communities.

See  and for more details.

Kilfenora Post Office

20 thoughts on “Kilfenora Post Office petition – please sign now

  1. The local Post Office is an essential public service particularly for rural communities. Kilfenora Post Office provides an essential service to local people.

  2. Please don’t even think of closing this vital service in Kilfenora…It’s a life line for many people..What would this small village & local community do without this very important & essential service..??????Think again please & find a viable solution……

  3. Closures of any business in a rural area is devastating for the locals, employment, economy & customers! But when it’s the local post office that people rely on then this is just demoralizing and destroys the social aspect of the business within the community.

  4. We have family in Kilfenora and there are many of us who holiday in Kilfenora every year. We use the post office for money transactions and mail. It would be extremely difficult for us to go elsewhere to carry out these necessary transactions. Please consider the many visitors to Kilfenora and the Burren and keep the post office open.

  5. I do not currently live in Kilshanny, Kilfenora postal area due to a family illness, but I do own a residence there. I 100% want this local post office to stay open. I will one day return, and will want this post open. Stay local…buy local…live local….friends!

  6. This post office is so important to the community that live in and around Kilfenora. Closing it would be cutting a lifeline to yet another small town that needs support rather than the pulling of basic services.

  7. I strongly support the retention of the post office service in Kilfenora. The post office is at the heart of the community and its retention is an absolute must to the people living in Kilfenora, Kilnaboy, Carron, Inchovea and Kilshanny who depend on its services. An post should support the community plan to keep this service in the town.

  8. Keep the post office in Kilfenora open! It is vital that the community have a post office. It is heartless to prevent residents of the community from accessing this vital service. Many people are without transport, or are older, or infirm, and would not be able to travel easily to the next town for the services provided in Kilfenora. Have a heart– keep it open.

  9. the concept of the Kilfenora Post Office is routed in the history of Kilfenora itself And the associated environs. My Grandfather, James Rynne Lysaght,
    spoke of it to me many times as a link to his childhood. He said when the blessed wind does move you to visit Ireland, and when it directs you down Main street, stop at the post office and ask for the Lysaght house and they will show you the way. This I did during the Gathering and visited my cousin Mary Lysaght McGloughlin and the house of my grandfather. History lingers in one’s heart as the force that binds us from whence we came. The heritage of Kilfenora is ingrained in what stands as Main Street, it houses, its post office. Save the post Office. it has intrinsic value in the History on the road to the Burren!

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