Kilfenora Timeline: The development of the parish of Kilfenora, 1650-1840. A presentation by Dr Richard Clutterbuck

Richard Clutterbuck is a landscape archaeologist with a particular interest in the creation of modern Ireland. He has recently completed a PhD in the department of Archaeology, NUIG, where his research focused on Improvement, an ideology which shaped social, political and personal identity, changed how people valued and created their environment, and fashioned the very notion of what it is to be ‘modern’. One of Richard’s case study areas was the parish of Kilfenora in Clare. Richard will present a lecture about his research, looking at the archaeological and documented landscape of Kilfenora from the mid seventeenth century to just before the Great Famine, and how the ideology of Improvement shaped the fields and farms, and helped create this very special landscape.

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