Largest traditional Irish band ever – Guinness record attempt 2014

During the Kilfenora Traditional Music Festival 2014, a fresh attempt will be made at the Guinness Book of Records for the largest traditional Irish band ever assembled.

In August 2013, 187 musicians assembled in Kilfenora Square, and a great time was had by all – but Guinness said that they wanted a minimum of 250 musicians to register this as a new award.

So, everyone is invited once again to bring an instrument and play along with the Kilfenora Céilí Band on Sunday 27 April 2014. We will play three ‘Kilfenora jigs’. Explanatory notes with sheet music are lower on this page.

Registration is from 13.00 – Guinness has strict rules we have to follow, so please come in good time.

(Note – there should be some tin whistles for sale at the Burren Centre, in the Square, but participants must actually be able to play them!)

Once everyone is assembled, there will be a practice run through the tunes, and then the actual attempt at 14.30.

After the attempt, the floor will be cleared of chairs for the Kilfenora Céilí Band to play for céilí dancers – so bring your dancing shoes and join in the fun.

3 Kilfenora Jigs

These are not the only jigs referred to as ‘the Kilfenora Jig’, but are a particular set played historically by the Kilfenora Céilí Band,
founded in 1909 and still going (very) strong.

The sheet music below gives an approximation of how these tunes are played in Kilfenora.  A more accurate appreciation can be gained by watching or listening to this video clip, filmed by Key Hideki-Nakao at the first attempt in Kilfenora at assembling the largest traditional Irish band in the world (August 2013).

Kilfenora Jig No. 1.  (Also known as Adrian Meehan’s Hangover, The Frost Is All Over, Kitty Lie Over, Paddy’s Return, Patsy McCann’s.)

Kilfenora Jig 1

Kilfenora Jig No. 2. (Also known as The Chorus Jig,)

Kilfenora Jig 2

Kilfenora Jig No. 3.  (Also known as Paddy Murphy’s, Uncle Jim’s.)

Kilfenora Jig 3

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