Pub Sessions 2012

Fri 27th April

Nagles at 10 pm – Murt Ryan (accordion), Padraig Rynne (concertina), Brian Mooney (banjo, bouzouki)




Linnanes at 9.30 pm – great singers from far and near, stories and craic, hosted by Joe O’Connor

Vaughans at 10 pm – Liam O’Brien (concertina), Brian O’Loughlin (banjo), Keith O’Loughlin (flute)

Sat 28th April

Nagles at 5 pm – Colin Nea (accordion), Hugh Healy (concertina), Blackie O’Connell (uillean pipes)

Linnanes at 10 pm – James Devitt & Siobhan Peoples (fiddles), Noel O’Donoghue (flute)

Kilfenora Pub Sessions

Nagles at 10 pm – Michael Queally (fiddle), Tony O’Connell (concertina), Eamon Riordan (flute)

Vaughans at 10 pm – Mark Burke (accordion) & the Coughlan Bros. (flute, guitar and vocals)

Sun 29th April

Nagles at 5 pm – Edel Fox (concertina), Neill Byrne (fiddle), Pat Marsh (bouzouki)


Linnanes at 6 pm – Young Kilfenora musicians

Vaughans at 6 pm – Liam O’Brien (concertina), Brian O’Loughlin (banjo), Keith O’Loughlin (flute)

Nagles at 10 pm – James Cullinane (fiddle), Noel O’Donoghue (flute), Kevin Griffin (banjo)

Linnanes at 10 pm – Colin Nea (accordion), James Devitt (fiddle) and friends

Vaughans at 10 pm – Carmel O’Leary (uillean pipes, whistles), Denis O’Toole (uillean pipes, whistles), Kellie While (gtr, vcls), Andy Newall (vocls, mandolin), Andy Lambert (bouzouki, vcls)

Mon 30th April

Linnanes at 6 pm – Anne Rynne & James Devitt (fiddles), Noel O’Donoghue (flute) and friends

Nagles at 10 pm – Charlie Harris (accordion), Des Mulkere (banjo/flute), Murt Collins (guitar/vocals)