Kilfenora Culture Night 2017

On Friday 22 September Kilfenora Comhaltas and Kilfenora Timeline staged a ‘culture night’ in the ancient Cathedral of Kilfenora, featuring a selection of the parish’s copious talent.

This was Kilfenora’s contribution to Ireland’s nation-wide culture night events that evening, as explained by the evening’s MC, Orla Vaughan, and by Kilfenora Timeline Chairman Stephen Kelly.

Performers were

  • The ‘young’ Kilfenora Ceili Band, coached by Colm Nestor, who provided a stirring set of marches, jigs and reels
  • Kilfenora Choir with a fine selection of songs
  • Kilfenora’s celebrated male singers Jerry Lynch and Micheal Mulqueeney
  • Sharon Howley on cello and Aine Griffey on fiddle, playing an O’Carolan tune
  • Aine O’Brien and Arnaud with a variety of songs
  • Padraig Howley with the ditty “Why Paddy won’t be at work today”

The evening ended with the audience singing “Somewhere over the rainbow”.

The event was recorded for posterity by film-maker John O’Donnell. Event organiser James Kelly explained that the edited film, including a record of those attending on the night, will be placed in a time capsule to be re-opened in 2067, together with individual contributions invited from all households in Kilfenora.